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Case Studies at Nova IVI Fertility

The team at Nova strives to help couples across the globe realise their dream of having a child. Along with helping couples conceive through advanced Assisted Reproductive Technology, Nova also strives to study the share information about the various causes and treatments available for different types of infertility.

To this effect, a number of case studies have been published and made available to couples who have been unable to conceive. Each case study is based on actual cases that have been treated at the Nova centers.

A case of multiple IVF failures coupled with stress

Parul, a 28-year old homemaker, visited Nova Fertility Centre at Bangalore, as she was unable to conceive naturally and has had two failed IVF cycles....

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How much is too much exercise? The relationship between exercise and fertility

Mrs. Rohini, 27 years who is a professional athlete and Mr. Anish 31 years who is a software professional were married for 4 years and...

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1 in 15 women in India are affected with PCOS

Padmavathi (name changed) aged 28 and hailing from a remote village in North Karnataka, had been married for 12 years. She got married at the...

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