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Nova IVI Fertility is the First Indian Hospital to Offer IVF Failure Diagnosis and Treatment

January 7, 2012, Bangalore

Nova IVI Fertility, the prominent chain of IVF Clinics strengthened its ongoing efforts to provide medical treatment of international standards and world class technology to improve the efficacy of IVF treatment in India. Nova IVI Fertility in association with IVI, the leading medical institute in the field of assisted reproduction, recently announced the launch of the revolutionary Endometrial Receptivity Assay (ERA) for the very first time in India. This association is an attempt to help women who face unexplained IVF failures due to poor uterine or endometrial receptivity.

Endometrial Receptivity Assay is an innovative test that has been solely developed and designed at IVI Medical Institute. Backed by the celebrated lineage of IVI institute and supported by cutting edge technologies, the Endometrial Receptivity Test promises to be the next big innovation in the Medical industry. In India, Nova IVI Fertility have been the very first medical center to be allowed by IVI to use their technology and make the test available to the public.

The breakthrough medical test, before being publicly available, has gone through an extended period of randomised, restricted clinical trials at multiple centers in Spain. The test involved 150 patients with implantation failures. Initial test results showed that 25 per cent of them were non-receptive, and correlate with more than 95 per cent to non-pregnancy. The stringent protocol of Nova IVI Fertility ensured that the Endometrial Receptivity Genomic Diagnostic Test was carefully developed by taking into account the molecular signature (RNAm) of 238 genes selected for endometrial receptivity.

Speaking at the press conference, Dr Manish Banker, Director, Nova IVI Fertility said, "At present, we do not have many treatment options for patients who have suffered IVF failures because of unforeseen reasons. One of the possible causes for IVF failure is poor uterine or endometrial receptivity. Currently available treatments are unable to address the concern. We can now bridge this gap. With the launch of ERA at Nova IVI Fertility, we are introducing a unique technology in India that will be able to determine the reasons for failed IVF cycles and thereby take necessary measures for the same. We hope that this novel innovation, backed with Nova's lineage, will set new benchmarks for quality IVF care in the country."

"With a remarkable increase in the number of IVF babies in the country, it is pretty obvious that people are more open to this concept. We are happy to be the pioneering hospital in India to offer this innovative treatment option which is effective and ensures patient safety at all levels,'' he further added.

Dr Gayatri Ghadiok, Director-Operations, Nova IVI Fertility commented at this occasion saying, "In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) itself is a very complex area for couples who are seeking help. Failure in traditional IVF pregnancy traumatizes the patients to a large extent and it is very critical to determine the reasons behind. Hence, the introduction of 'Endometrial Receptivity Genomic Diagnostic Test' at Nova IVI Fertility will not only play a pivotal role in overall IVF care but also will prove to be a ray of hope to all those couples who have suffered failed IVF pregnancy. Nova IVI Fertility has already established its credentials across the healthcare industry and we are committed to begin a new medical era with the introduction of this path- breaking test.'

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