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The Endometrial receptivity genome analysis (ERA) involves assessing a woman’s endometrial receptivity status from a molecular viewpoint. The molecular tool allows us to diagnose whether the endometrium is receptive or not, by analyzing the expression of a group of genes responsible for this function. This diagnostic method patented by iGenomix focuses on women who visit the clinic for their fertility problems.

With the endometrial gene expression diagnosis, problems that may affect the embryo implantation before starting the fertility treatment can be detected. As a result, corresponding measures can be taken to carry out the fertility treatment successfully. It also enables an early diagnosis of diseases originating in the endometrium.

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Gynaec Endoscopy Course In France Close

Diploma Course in Gynaec Endoscopy, France
Organised by Centre International de Chirurgie
Endoscopique (CICE), France
Nova IVI Fertility
Date: 7th – 11th July 2014
Venue: CICE, Clermont-Ferrand, France
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