Nova IVI Fertility Clinics is a joint venture between Nova Specialty Surgery, India's leading short-stay surgery group, and Pulse Women's Hospital, one of the most prominent IVF Hospitals in India.

About Nova Specialty Surgery

Nova Specialty Surgery develops, acquires, owns and operates Ambulatory Surgical Centers in partnership with surgeons across India. Ambulatory or Short-stay surgeries are procedures that take between 24 - 72 hours from admission to patient discharge. Nova provides leading surgeons from diverse specialties with comprehensive ultra-modern facilities comprising doctor's offices, operating rooms, diagnostics, imaging, health check-up area, pathology laboratory and a pharmacy. By specializing only in Short-stay surgical procedures, Nova improves patient experience and contains costs while increasing operating efficiency. Nova's innovative health services model offers unparalleled quality and affordability.

About Pulse Women's Hospital

Pulse Women's Hospital has been one of the most prominent hospitals for women in India. It performs more than 1,400 IVF cycles every year, has an excellent track record and its directors, Dr. Pravin Patel and Dr. Manish Banker are both well recognized by National and International infertility associations.